Living on the Edge Wetland of the Ndiael at the brink of change

The Ndiael is a strongly degraded wetland in the lower Senegal delta that is largely dried out. It has been subject of multiple attempts for ecological restoration, and since 2010 local efforts have contributed to a small increase in inundated area. But with the recently installed PREFELAG project, it is very likely that all the necessary hydrological infrastructure will be built to enable large-scale flooding. This is reason for great hope. And also a great reward for the local stakeholders who have continued to work towards such restoration.
In spite of the lack of water, the reserve harbours considerable diversity, which is revealed by mapping the ecological baseline situation. This report documents the field data and summarizes the developments to a broader audience at a global level. It is therefore written in English.
In the document we stress that it will be essential to mitigate tensions between the developing agro-business, small holder interests and ecological restoration. Existing conflicts of interest and an inevitable increase in human pressure will require continuous dialogue to arrive at an integrated water management as well as increased vigilance against illegal use of resources.
The work has been performed within the framework of an Ecosystems Alliance/Living on the Edge  project, together with the local  Association Intervillageoise du Ndiael, representatives of the State of Senegal (RSAN), DLG, and Wetlands International. It was funded by VBN – Birdlife in the Netherlands and the Ecosystem Alliance Program Senegal.

You will find the report here: 
D. Bos, L. Davids, P. Mawade Wade, A. Sow, Y. Gueye 2015 The Ndiael, a former floodplain at the brink of change from dry to wet. A&W-rapport 2105. Altenburg & Wymenga ecologisch onderzoek, Feanwâlden. 

Babacar DIAGNE (secreratary general of the AIV) short statement on video on the developments towards a restored ecosystem in the Ndiael (Mbelele Mbaye, feb 2015).

Living on the Edge
itself is a comprehensive program for the protection of migratory birds in multiple West African countries. It has been made possible by the Postcode Loterij.

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