The use of satellites for information about the weather has become common place as many people use the rainfall radar to know if rain is coming. In remote areas satellite derived information become..

Why are so many migratory birds winter in the belt just south of the Sahara, a drought-stricken zone, while further south wintering conditions seem to be much better? It took eight years (2007-2015..

Altenburg & Wymenga, together with Wetlands International, developed a prediction model of the height of the annual flood peak in the Inner Niger Delta in Mali. The forecast model is used by th..

In 2006 the provincial board of Fryslân decided on the construction of the N356 road 'De Centrale As' (DCA) in the northern part of the Netherlands. This new road crosses the small-scaled bocage l..

Muskrats are considered a pest species in The Netherlands, and a year-round control programme is in effect. The Muskrat control programme offers excellent opportunities for applied biological studi..

In and around the Eemshaven, an industrial port in the northeast corner of The Netherlands and bordering the International Wadden Sea area, several wind farms have been established or scaled up in..

Worldwide the water management of delta’s, rivers and coastal regions – often hotspots of biodiversity – is a major challenge, in particular in view of climate change and the dramatic decline..

Bats are protected under the European Habitats Directive and the Nature Conservation Act. The Pond bat – bound to water bodies for foraging – is in an important species in low-lying parts of Th..