Our work, skills and interests are subdivided into four different themes. You can find more information under the theme buttons Climate and Water, Biodiversity, Geo-analysis and Impact and Assessment.

Climate and Water

The impact of climate change is becoming increasingly noticeable and requires a future-proof management of water systems and (natural) areas. Climate change adaptation and water management are therefore important themes for our consultancy. We investigate the ecological consequences of climate change, such as the role of wetlands and water systems in adaptation challenges. Our projects relate to in-depth research, design of strategies, management plans and practical advice on climate change adaptation.


The loss of biodiversity is one of the major themes of our time. Why are species declining and how can we restore biodiversity? Our consultancy has been involved in research and monitoring in this field for more than 30 years, and advises on strategies, management, monitoring, and effective protection of species and areas.


Collecting and analyzing information with geo-information systems offer a world of opportunities. Using spatial information, satellite images and our own research data, we are able to perform dedicated analyses and visualisations of ecological patterns and relationships. This is highly effective in impact assessments, planning applications and ecological management. Increasingly, geo-data are freely available, such as elevation maps, satellite images and aerial photographs. A&W invests a lot in spatial analyses and digital data collection for research, monitoring and analysis.

Impact and Assessment

In the case of new developments a keen eye is needed to assess the potential ecological impact on protected species and areas. This applies to small residential developments as well as large-scale projects such as the construction of wind farms, infrastructure or expansion plans. We provide ecological services to guide and support the decision-making process, the design of mitigation and compensation plans and offer practical guidance during construction and implementation. We stand for an objective approach and offer practical solutions in our projects.