Here you find many of our reports, papers and other publications. Each of them can be downloaded.

Key habitat factors of breeding birds in agricultural hedgerow landscapes in East-Fryslân, The Netherlands, in European perspective – ecological evaluation and relation to agri-environmental schemes

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Ganzen en natuurdoelen in het Naardermeer

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Grootoorvleermuizen steken De Centrale As over via hopovers

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Effecten van het Friese weidevogelbeleid 2014-2020

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Recurring outbreaks of common vole (Microtus arvalis) in grasslands in the low-lying parts of the Netherlands

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Biodiversity restoration 5 October 2020

Greppel-plasdras: bouwsteen voor beter weidevogelbeheer?

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Better Wetter maakt werk van klimaatadaptatie

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Animal tracking 30 June 2020

Steltlopers op slaapplaatsen in Fryslân in 2015 en 2019

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A Large‐Scale Experiment to Evaluate Control of Invasive Muskrats

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Cost-benefit of analysis of invasive muskrat control in the Netherlands

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Animal tracking 9 June 2020

Ecological impact and cost-effectiveness of wildlife crossings in a highly fragmented landscape: a multi-method approach

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