Here you find many of our reports, papers and other publications. Each of them can be downloaded.

Animal tracking 30 June 2020

Steltlopers op slaapplaatsen in Fryslân in 2015 en 2019

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A Large‐Scale Experiment to Evaluate Control of Invasive Muskrats

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Cost-benefit of analysis of invasive muskrat control in the Netherlands

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Animal tracking 9 June 2020

Ecological impact and cost-effectiveness of wildlife crossings in a highly fragmented landscape: a multi-method approach

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Animal tracking 25 March 2020

De Sahel als overwinteringsgebied voor trekvogels

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Animal tracking 25 March 2020

Voorkomen, dichtheid en habitatkeuze van Europese zangvogels in de Sahel

Europe-wide outbreaks of common voles in 2019

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Biodiversity restoration 12 December 2019

Re-assessment of phosphorus availability in fens with varying contents of iron and calcium

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Rode regenwormen: sleutelspelers voor boerenlandbiodiversiteit

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Damage to dykes and levees in the Netherlands is extensive and increases with muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) density.

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Evidence for the effectiveness of controlling muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus L.) populations by trapping

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De muskusrat op zijn retour

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