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Biodiversity restoration 12 December 2019

Re-assessment of phosphorus availability in fens with varying contents of iron and calcium

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Rode regenwormen: sleutelspelers voor boerenlandbiodiversiteit

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Damage to dykes and levees in the Netherlands is extensive and increases with muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) density.

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Evidence for the effectiveness of controlling muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus L.) populations by trapping

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De muskusrat op zijn retour

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Nieuwe bestrijdingsstrategie muskusratten?

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Biodiversity / Climate and Water 17 December 2018

Waterkwaliteit en biodiversiteit in het laagveenlandschap

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Intensive Bekämpfung von Bisam und Nutria in den Niederlanden

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Biodiversity 13 March 2018

Large decline of birds in Sahelian rangelands due to loss of woody cover and soil seed bank

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18 January 2018

Gjin miensker sûnder mienskip

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Biodiversity 17 January 2018

Broedvogels van het coulisselandschap van Noordoost-Fryslân in heden en verleden

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Geo-analysis 1 January 2018

Mapping Grassland Management Intensity Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Data

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