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Flood Management

Flooding of river basins and delta's offers, in a natural situation, the nutrient rich environment for fertile soils and a high biological production. That is why throughout the world most delta's are transformed to productive agricultural systems but at the same time form ecological hotspots and hold wetlands of international importance. Especially in river basins and delta's in transition, where the original flooding system is tamed, excessive flooding and its associated effects raises the need for effective flood management, tailored to a multifunctional usage of water bodies. Today, more and more attention is payed to the designation of sustainable deltas, offering room to both socio-economic and ecological functions.

Working together with engineers and water authorities, A&W can offer knowledge and support on the ecological aspects of flood management. This concerns, amongst others, the design of water retention basins, development of digital flooding models and the management of floodwater basins. Digital flooding models are jointly produced with the Romanian Danube Delta National Institute. For more information please contact dr. Leo Zwarts or ing. Eddy Wymenga.