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Protected Area Management

Effective management of protected areas, such as National Parks, Hunting Protection Zones or Natura 2000 sites, is realised in the long term by a management system based on sound analysis of the ecological and socio-economic context of the area. This provides a management framework for its land, vegetation and wildlife, to be implemented by an adequate management body, which in turn needs to be balanced with a sustainable system of funding. A management plan includes a clear description of objectives, a vision and strategy on how to reach these objectives and a plan for monitoring and evaluation. Depending on the level of detail, also concrete measures for management of habitats and species can be elaborated. We believe that a sound management plan always rests on a thorough stakeholder analysis and participation.

A&W staff have gained long-term experience in the development of management plans for protected areas such as National Parks, Natura2000 sites and other areas with ecological qualities. Apart from the concrete elaboration of the actual management, this often includes the optimization of the ecological potentials of an area. With the aid of several dozens of plans and visions for Dutch reserves and parks, A&W-staff supported forest managers for management plans in Africa, Europe and Asia, ranging from mangrove areas in Bangladesh and Guinea to mountains in Romania. We can also assist in the periodical evaluation of monitoring plans and management plans, either on the basis of short missions of long term support.

For more information you contact drs. Wibe Altenburg or ing. Eddy Wymenga