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Collaborative Management

Biodiversity and natural resources are crucial conditions for the well being of mankind, contributing to employment, poverty reduction and a better environment. Conversely, conservation depends very much on the understanding and commitment of people to supporting sustainable development and to respecting their natural environment. Sustainable use and conservation are both benefiting from involving local communities where possible in resource management. A&W staff has been involved in collaborative management activities in Pakistan, Cameroon, Mali, Benin, Ghana and The Netherlands.

Establishing and maintaining habitats in relation to biotic an abiotic processes is the basis of Ecosystem Management. The design and implementation of measures for habitat restoration, improvement and maintenance are essential elements of a habitat management plan. We believe that in many areas the integrated management of water and natural resources is the key to a succesful management. Often this goes beyond the borders of the protected area, and the management has to be considered in a wider (environmental and hyrological) perspective.

Species management plans require multiple level strategies varying from policies to site management measures, and are based on sound understanding of relevant ecology as well as related fields such as culture, socio-economics, farming, trade and legislation.

If you require support in this field, please contact us (dr. Leo Bruinzeel) for more information on how we could contribute. A&W-staff has experience with habitat management planning in Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Bangladesh. We contributed to the development of species management plans in Central African Republic, Cameroon and Bangladesh.