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Capacity Building

The key to adequate conservation for any organisation responsible for the management of protected areas is the performance of its staff, which is achieved through building an efficient organisation with motivated and effective people. Nature and conservation management asks several specific skills : the management of specific habitats and species (protection, ecological resoration, mitigation measures), monitoring of birds and other species, mapping of habitats, writing management plans, and the administration of management and monitoring, including using Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

A&W staff offers training facilities and support on most of the issues mentioned, from the monitoring and maping of habitats and species, analysis of data and the writing of management plans. We also offer training in Geographical Information Systems, specifically tailored to your area or questions. We supported the establishment of adequate management capacity of protected areas through institutional development and training in for example in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Malawi, Mali and Pakistan. Beside the training proper we can support in the set up of courses (and additional manuals). If you like to have more information, please contact Ronald de Jong (GIS-courses) or Eddy WYmenga.