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Ecological impact assessments

Within the framework of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) thorough information and knowledge on the ecological values of areas involved and the potential impact of projects and plans are  essential. A&W, specialised in biodiversity surveys and analysis of ecological impact, collaborates with consultancy firms in the implementation of studies such as Environment Impact Assessments (EIA), Post-Project Impact Assessment and Evaluations. These services range from long-term monitoring, preliminary assessments (short missions) to spatial analysis and in-depth studies of ecological processes and functions of ecosystems.

A&W carried out a training workshop on the impact of windfarms on birds for USPB (BirdLife Ukraine) personnel and for employees of a local windfarm. The project was commissioned by Birdlife Netherlands (Vogelbescherming). In this workshop, the focus was on smart spatial planning using the risk map approach that A&W had earlier developed for Birdlife Netherlands. This approach results in benefits for both wind industry and biodiversity. Currently A&W is investigating opportunities to disseminate this approach to other countries. 

A&W has a broad experience related to estuarine and tidal areas, wetlands, terrestrial ecosystems and worked on projects concerning the impact of roads, power lines, offshore facilities and a wide range of development engineering. Apart from the assessment studies A&W develops mitigation measures and has the experience to elaborate plans for net-loss compensation. Please contact drs. Ron van der Hut or dr. ir. Daan Bos for more information.