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Our team frequently advises and supports other companies with GIS related projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Our digital world makes it easy to communicate all around the world, and it certainly helps that our team members fluently speak Dutch, Frisian, German, English and Spanish. The support consists of helping other people to use GIS or doing the GIS work for them or a combination of both. We also are specialized in the development of tailor-made courses which focus on using GIS in ecologically related projects.

Used software

In our organization the use of GIS is standard practice. Spatially explicit information is essential in nearly all projects that are carried out in relation to urban and rural planning and associated legislation. A&W uses a broad spectrum of GIS-software. Esri software is leading in this case. We make use of ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst and ArcPad for our mobile devices. In remote sensing projects we use ERDAS 2010. Furthermore we have a state-of-the-art photogrammetric system (Summit Evolution) which enables us to digitize in 3D. In addition we also make use of open source programs like Quantum GIS, GRASS and R statistics. The collection of digital data starts in the field with the use of mobile devices that have a built in GPS (mobile GIS). Our processes are specially equipped for creating and storing high quality geospatial data.