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GEO information and analysis

Information on the distribution of plants and animals, but also the underlying factors that determine their distribution, are maintained in spatially explicit databases. These often form the core in studies dealing with applied ecological topics. Spatial data and GIS applications are integrated into our day to day life with car navigation systems and many mobile phone applications as a good example. GIS are used to collect, store, manage, analyze and present spatial data. This can i.e. be the geographical location where a migratory bird species resides over time. Not just flight distances and speeds can be calculated, but the data can also be compared with climatological data or land cover data to get more insight information in the species’ ecology.
Altenburg & Wymenga has a well organized GIS or GEO-information department that is taking care of all spatial data and other digital information in the company and also for other customers . This ranges from methodological assistance with data collection in the field (mobile GIS), developing new field applications (with mobile GIS), combining and synthesizing information (GEO-databases), spatial modeling and remote sensing. A lot of attention is paid to the production of high quality maps. New technologies are continuously explored in order to maintain our quality standards at a high level and to challenge our department.

For more information please contact ing. Franske Hoekema or MSc Lucien Davids