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Species Re-Introduction

The extinction of species worldwide has received much attention recently, especially in 2010 the Year of Biodiversity. On a national or regional scale the loss of species directly influences the quality of ecosystems. Due to landscape and habitat fragmentation many terrestrial and/or slow moving species are hardly able to recolonise their former habitats, once local populations have been lost. Although the core habitats may be restored, often the landscape between source population is hostile and not suitable for migration and dispersion. This may seriously hamper the re-establishment of species while the habitat seems suitable again. In such cases re-introduction of species may be considered. 

The absence of keystone species (top predators or certain plant species) due to extermination, through hunting or over-exploitation in isolated wildlife areas, may in some cases result in significant ecosystem changes. Also, in such cases it may be desired to reintroduce species from areas where they still occur or from artificial rearing facilities. A&W staff has researched jointly with scientists and wildlife managers the feasibility of the reintroduction of crocodiles and large herbivore species in mangrove areas in Asia and Africa. If you are interested in this matter, we can support with the development of re-introduction plans (measures, management), make a risk assessment and do monitoring during the reintroduction process. Please contact dr. Leo Bruinzeel for more information.