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Wildlife Crossings

The fragmentation of landscapes reduces the availability of suitable habitat and limits migration of terrestrial species. This is especially the case in densely populated areas or through the construction of roads and other infrastructures. The construction of wildlife crossings, small or large, links habitat patches thus creating a larger continuum. This applies also to fish passage systems to restore longitudinal fish migration. The design of wildlife crossing always asks for a tailor made approach based on a thorough inventory of the surrounding environment, the animal movements and the core areas which have to be connected. Based on this knowledge wildlife crossing and passages can be designed, thus mitigating the impact of infrastructure and improving connectivity.

In close conjunction with Engineering Consultants and Rural Planners, A&W staff designed highway over-crossings for wildlife, a wide range of small or larger fauna passages, fish passage systems. Together with scientists and local experts, we modeled the development of a large carnivore network in the Carpathian region, and elaborated this for the actual development of corridors in the Ukrainian part of the Carpathian mountains. We believe that a good fit between a sound ecological input and smart technical design delivers effective solutions.

You can consult  dr. ir. Daan Bos for more information.