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Vegetation and habitat surveys

Mapping and monitoring of land cover, habitats, vegetation, or the occurrence of specific plant species, are powerful tools for the investigation of, for example, land use changes, habitat degradation and restoration, quality of protected areas and the proliferation of invasive species. Also it can be the base for a proper Ecological Impact Assessment. Besides the actual mapping of habitats and vegetation in the field, remote sensing techniques may be applied or more appropriate monitoring techniques may be used. The understanding of trends of vegetation and landscape changes, for example, requires the lpong term collection and analysis of information from the field (via sampling of plots). 

A&W is skilled in vegetation and habitat field surveys using up-to-date remote sensing (image processing) and (mobile) GIS-systems for efficient analysis and mapping. We have done surveys for a wide range of coastal areas, delta's, wetlands (salt marshes, intertidal areas, moors), heathers and forests. We can assist in the scoping of surveys, perform the fieldwork or support in the analysis of the data. Please contact drs. Wout Bijkerk for more information on this theme.