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Design of Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems are powerful tools for decision-making and process control. Monitoring may, for example, be used to assess cost effectiveness of operations, effects of management measures, project progress, animal population trends, vegetation succession and other ecosystem changes. We believe that the actual monitoring of ecological assets and the measures taken add much to an efficient and effective management of protected areas. The data should be gathered in such a way that a sound analysis and evaluation is possible. This requires a effective monitoring system providing monitoring objectives, methods of data acquisition and analysis and an evaluation plan, and using SMART indicators to track operations, outputs and impact.

A&W has been involved in the design of monitoring systems for management processes as well as ecological monitoring. We can either assist in the designation of monitoring plans, support in the actual monitoring or training of staff, and play a role in the analysis and evaluation of the results. 

For more information please contact dr. Leo Bruinzeel.