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Our close-knit team offers 35 highly motivated and enthusiastic specialists, eager to share their knowledge and skills with our clients and stakeholders. In our company, the investment in people and the ability to nurture individual potential are considered natural and logical as well as essential for the provision of high-quality products. The A&W office is organised into several departments.

  • Management team
    • Directors: Wibe Altenburg, Eddy Wymenga
      Office manager: Harmanna Groothof

  • Animal ecology
    • The Fauna Ecology department works on applied research projects in the field of animal ecology, wildlife management and monitoring, and major impact assessments. Our expertise focuses mainly on the Waddensea and adjacent coastal areas, the ecology of wetlands and wetland birds, and the population ecology of several species. Together with other groups within A&W we are working intensively on impact assessments (EIA) and long-term monitoring projects such as the ecological effects of windfarms near Natura 2000 areas. The FE group is also active in an international context and we are working on several projects on wetland and savanna ecology in West Africa.
      For information please contact Joris Latour

  • Ecology and rural development department
    • This department carries out projects in the field of Restoration Ecology, Agri-Environment schemes, Nature Management and Botanical Inventory and Monitoring.
      For general information please contact Marion Brongers

  • Geo information
    • A&W has a well-equipped GIS department to support the work undertaken in the other sections. In order to acquire spatial data and to perform spatial analysis we work with remote sensing and mobile GIS. For general information please contact ing. Ronald de Jong or MSc. Lucien Davids.

  • International services
    • The expertise and long-term experience gained in the aforementioned departments is applied in several international projects. This refers to, amongst others, Hydro-Ecological studies, Flyway studies, and Training and Support in Protected Area and Wetland Management. For general information please contact Eddy Wymenga.

  • Support