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About A&W

Rural and urban development, exploitation of natural resources, climate change and associated water issues are among the challenges and problems of today. New initiatives and projects addressing these matters demand a sustainable and integrated approach to improve livelihoods, avoid or minimize environmental impact and, where appropriate, restore ecological networks and associated biodiversity. In this field, Altenburg & Wymenga has been operating as an Ecological Consultancy since 1988. Our c. 35 experts are engaged in Water Management, Nature Conservation, Capacity Building, Environmental Impact Assessments and the provision of practical advice on Urban and Rural Development. 

Our company covers the full range of issues related to Ecology and Ecosystem Management, including aspects such as Applied Ecological Research, Water Management, Site Management, Training and Ecological Engineering. Whenever appropriate we work together in Partnerships with hydrologists, land developers, landscape architects and rural and urban planners to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach. The regular fieldwork and actual field research demand a sharp eye, which supports and underlines the quality of our work.

Second edition of the book:  Living on the Edge available!