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Altenburg & Wymenga ecological consultants

A&W offers Research and Consultancy services in the field of Ecology and related issues such as Natura 2000, Integrated Water Resource Management, Protected Area Management, Nature Conservation and Capacity Building. We take an innovative approach and seek creative solutions in our work and projects. We believe that sound ecological data form the basis of our work; the actual field research and collection of data are an important source of inspiration and driver for our people. A&W makes use of all its skills and experience to contribute to Sustainable Development, Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration, rooted in the conviction that these pursuits can be achieved only by adopting the Ecosystem approach and through Stakeholder participation. 

Second edition Living on the edge available! 
Living on the edge  appeared in 2009. The book about wetlands en migratory birds in the Sahel was written by L. Zwarts, R.G. Bijlsma, J. van der Kamp and E. Wymenga. Main quest is how wintering conditions - climate, river discharge, land use and food - in Africa impact on the breeding populations of Eurasian migratory birds. Living on the edge received enthousiastic reviews  (for example Ian Newton in British Birds). The second edition of the book was printed in July 2010 .

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